cause u already got the details

What do people really think of Transit Officers

why didnt u book me? i got on at casula (allegedly) travelled to glenfield, changed trains at glenfield for east hills (there are no direct services between casula and east hills) and got off at east hills.

going by your previous theory, i shouldve bought a ticket at glenfield?

say i was on a train at mino (silent T) and say that i got on at casula, after trying all ur other avenues to no avail, u can still demand my name and address if you reasonably suspect that i have done something wrong. i would have to comply with this demand or i could cop a fine.

it doesnt mean u can issue the fine, but u can hang onto the details for further investigation (ie, check out if i really do buy my ticket at macarthur.) if i dont, well, bang, u got me. cause u already got the details.

i really need to start getting more of a life. If there are any girls out there that enjoy reading the rail safety act as much as i do. give me a call. lol

I lost my ticket once which i really did I got a 50 dollar fine but the people were nice enough about it, but anyways as you all know there a few slack Transit officers out there which give u good ones a bad name,like I see some just bumbing round just chattin and hassling people for no reason but it is good to see them around more i guess.

But I was talking to my dad whos did a law degree and told me that in nsw u can have 2 alias meaning u can make up complete lies and tell then to anyone and u cant get in trouble!!! what would a transit officer say if i did that?

I have bitten my tongue with your cowardly remarks long enough, you must be one of them 100 metre heroes. I know your type all too well mate, big anonomous man screaming abuse from the next platform as your train pulls in, but when you are asked to show your ticket on the train you probably have it all ready for us as we walk through your train.

## ## Really mate get yourself a life, because if the only thing you have to do is throw abuse at Transits then you infact are a very very sad fool indeed. And I mean no disrespect to fools.

Then xxxmali stuck his head into it, it shows a lot of the moderators to allow public abuse and insults to be continuosly thrown around without removal or banning of a person.

So if the informative thread has gone South maybe the moderators should have a look at what garble they allow to be posted on here.

People were honestly looking for an answer to a few sticky points about law, policy and procedure, which I was more than happy to answer. What I don’t have to answer is personal attacks from people, because it should not be allowed on a public forum.

xxxmali I would invite you to come and see me at work and hurl insults to me, it would be the sweetest offensive behaviour ticket I would ever write (and the $400 fine would be sweet as well).

If you give false details it is an offence and the transits don’t know what to do. They have to call the boys in blue. “They won’t give me their name”. Usually about 60 seconds after the coppers rock up the details are fourth coming. I seen this happen a couple of times. They have about 4 transits aound one bloke who won’t give a name etc. As soon as the cops show he spills it. It just shows you how much respect transits really have.

I think in the not to distant future they will be scrapped. The average commuter would rather cops on the trains than transits. Well thats what I think anyway.

That stuff about alias names is BS.

Most of the people that fail to give their details to transits generally do the second time round.

Generally the first offense is ticketing, then by not give their name and address or supplying false name and address they add another infringement to the list.

It is a no brainer as I inform them that if they are not forthcoming with the details and the Police arrive to do a verification they WILL be hit with a second fine, it usually gets the wallet out of the hip pocket quick smart, needless to say the Police will generally do checks etc and usually find something to get them for as well, just for wasting their time and playing stupid games, great, one fine turns into 3 or 4 in some cases.

I reckon they should have new start with definatly a new uniform those boots are stupid maybe we should have 2 divisions ticket inspectors who can be nice guys which works well on buses then maybe “transport police” who can work together with ticket inspectors, cause it does nt make much sense a dude walking round in gp boots who looks sorta like policemen but checks tickets?!? no wonder people dont have respect for some TOs

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